We are pleased to announce we now have an auto re-new feature now available when posting listings on EasyBid Auctions.

What this means is that when you list an item, during the initial listing process you have the option to select “auto renew” of the listing if the item does not sell during the listing period.

You can select from 1 to 3 times for  either 5, 7, 12 or a 30 day period, therefore as an example you could select 3 x 30 days so that at the end of the initial auction period time, if the item has not sold the item will relist for up to 3 times for a period of 30 days each time, until the item sells.

As a bonus if you also pay for the listing to be a “featured” listing, the featured option will carry forward during each of the auto relisting periods at “NO” additional charge, you only pay the featured fee once during the course of the initial auction period.  Featured items appear in our rotating banner on the top of our home page as well as been promoted via our Twitter and Facebook page!

Please note; the auto renew feature can only be setup during the initial auction posting process, you can not retrospectively go into a listing to enable the auto renew feature.

If you require any further clarity or have any questions, please use the contact us tab to get in touch.


EasyBid Team



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