For many years we have personally brought and sold on the mainstream auction sites in both Australia and New Zealand and to be honest have paid heavily for the privilege by way of site fees!

Our feeling is that auction platforms should not benefit directly from the final sale price but should be there to help you achieve the best possible price for your auctions, through options for marketing and promoting your auctions.

That is why we offer the option for you to pay a fee to “feature” your item on our home page scrolling banner, to help you get as much visibility and potentially a much better selling price for your item or product.  The first 3 listing images are also FREE, with additional images up to a maximum of 9 been charged at 0.60 each.

With this strategy if you sell your item for $1.00, $20.00 $50.00 or $100.00 etc you do not get charged a percentage of the final sale price, the final sale price is for you as it should be!

Therefore, as a seller if you choose not to “feature” your item or have more than 3 images it is $100% free to sell on EasyBid.

Selling on EasyBid also allows you the opportunity to create and grow your own brand in the market whilst providing a cool, central shopping destination where buyers can learn about you, your business and all the products you sell.

The feature option will allow your listing to remain in the scrolling banner for a maximum period of 30 days.


General Fees:

– Listing an item = $0.00 FREE
– End of Sale Fee = $0.00 FREE
– Listing including up to 3 images = $0.00 FREE



 – Additional Images are charged at $0.60 each up to a maximum of 9 images (first 3 images are FREE)
– Feature your Item = $9.90  $7.95   (20% saving for a limited time)
   (Featured items appear in our rotating banner on the top of our home page as well as been promoted via our Twitter and Facebook page)